Yoga Esoterica | Teachers
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Meet Our Teachers

Camille Ferruzzi

After battling childhood cancer Camille found healing and a sense of home in practicing yoga. Wanting to help others experience the same sense of harmony, she traveled to Thailand to complete her 200 hour YTTC and a Chi Nei Tsang course. Her classes allow students to strengthen their breath and body connection while finding a sense of stillness through juicy, deep Vinyasa style flows accompanied with vibey tunes. Unravel your stories and open yourself up with her.

Brianna Johnson

Like many people, Brianna found yoga at the height of her life’s stressors. But she soon found that relief was just the tip of the iceberg – a mere side effect of stepping into truth and letting go of fear. With this practice comes realizations, challenges, change, and ultimately, empowerment. Yoga is the physical version of the immersive process of getting to know yourself, and it belongs to everyone.


With a central focus on grounding and class themes with real-world application, Brianna teaches accessible sequences that calm + restore the body + mind. She earned her 200-hour teaching certification from the Yoga Garden in Philly.

Barbara Murdick

Barbara received her certification as a Hatha/Vinyasa teacher 15 years ago and credits her amazing teachers for her love of practicing and teaching Yoga. She was initiated into the Himalayan Institute in 2009 by Rolf Sovik and carries on in the traditional practice of Yoga.


“My intention as teacher is to have you feel deeply connected to your body, mind and spirit. This connection will enable you to make changes more profound than you have ever imagined possible for yourself. Your Agni (fire) rises as you become one through an intense, yet inspiring asana, pranayama and meditation practice.


B.K.S. Iyengar said:

“Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter the flame.”

Lisa Dee

Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) forced Lisa to leave her  corporate job  in 2003 and took away the style of life she once knew. Reiki, shamanism and metaphysical healing/TOS™ gave her the tools and vigor to find her health, new vitality and purpose.


With laser beam focus, dedication and demonstrations in the healing benefits of Reiki and other spiritual modalities, Lisa saw physical and mental improvements rapidly. She continued to passionately dedicate herself to Reiki, shamanism and metaphysical healing. Eventually evolved into a certified Reiki Master. This dedication proved especially helpful when she was later diagnosed with breast cancer. Lisa has practiced Reiki in both clinical and spa settings. She instructs all levels of Usui Reiki and has been certified since 2006.


Lisa offers unique opportunities and empowering workshops such as “Finding Your Power Animal” with live drumming and collaborative classes with local yoga teachers as well. The powerful combination of reiki, yoga, aromatherapy and drumming sets Lisa apart from the rest, as she can provide healing experiences for the mind, body, and soul with a balance of expertise and humility.


*TOS: “This method of type of healing is based on Eastern and Modern day Western Mystical practices of healing. Mystical Teachings, focus on the importance of becoming aware of how we are channels, and not protagonists of our lives. As we embrace our inspirations from Source, and act from that place, we connect to the inner freedom and potentiality of Creativity that resides within, thus able to act from unlimited potential.”

Caitlin Lange

Since she was a child, Caitlin has had a propensity for asking a lot of questions. As she got older she developed an interest in metaphysics and the workings of the human mind. Eventually this led her to yoga and reiki. She completing her 200-hour teacher training at Yoga on Main in 2014 and became certified in Reiki I and II in the years after. Inspired to bring the practices of yoga and magick together, Caitlin decided to create Yoga Esoterica and now teaches a various array of classes throughout the week. With a heavy emphasis on breath work and visualization her lessons seek to bring together mind, body, and spirit leaving those who come to her studio feeling rejuvenated and at peace.

Melissa Baker

Melissa began practicing yoga to supplement her athletic training in college. She took up a regular physical yoga practice after finding that it helped improve her strength, balance and endurance. After some time, Melissa was introduced to classical yoga, in which she became fascinated with the philosophy and history of the tradition. Melissa went on to study several lineages of classical yoga and earned her teaching certification from YogaLife Institute. Melissa’s approach to teaching is geared towards acceptance, gentleness and mindfulness.